"United Pursuit"

Parkview Wrestling

Eligibility requirements for Lettering:

  1. ​VARSITY: Wrestlers MUST earn a total of 18 varsity team points in a season.
    1. Fall (pin) = 6 points
    2. Tech Fall = 5 points
    3. Major Decision = 4 points
    4. Decision =3 points
    5. Forfeits do NOT count towards team points
  2. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Wrestlers MUST meet the required 20 hours of community service.

​Eligibility Requirements for Tournaments

  1. GRADES:
    1. Must be PASSING all classes in order to participate in tournaments by the day before the tournament. Written notification can be obtained by the academic teacher if grades are not updated by the practice before the tournament. (It is still mandatory for ALL wrestlers to attend ALL practices unless missing practices for study hall, tutoring, or test makeup. Written documentation MUST be provided by the academic teacher or professional tutor.​
    1. EVERY wrestler MUST be at practice EVERYDAY in order to participate in a tournament. If you have an excused absence from school, this will also be an excused absence from practice. If a wrestler is involved a disciplinary action that results in school ISS or OSS, then that wrestler is not eligible to practice on that day (this will NOT count as an excused absence, therefore that wrestler will also not be able to participate in the upcoming tournament.
    1. Wrestlers MUST participate in 20 hours of community service.
      i.Required hours for ALL wrestlers are the annual car wash and youth tournament.
      ii.Remaining hours MUST documented by a representative from the organization in which the service provided. Contact information MUST also be provided for service verification.